30 Annoying Things

I’m all for positivity, for seeing the good around you. Without the glass-half-full kind of people, we would probably all settle to skulking around the house with greasy hair. However, in the face of mind-numbingly colossal problems we live amongst of in the world nowadays – with chronic ecological crises, Antarctica melting and our planet spiralling into impending doom – sometimes all you want to do is act selfish and give in to the overwhelming desire to give up and complain, complain about the little (or sometimes not-so-little) things that really grind your gears. So here goes, I’m getting it off my chest…

30 things that really f***ing piss me off me today…

  1. The under-skin pimple that refuses to pop.
  2. Under-skin pimples that feel like lumps and now after multiple attempts to pop them are also red, hot and painful.
  3. The grime at the back of my lower front teeth, although I brushed them this morning!
  4. Bra straps that keep on falling down my shoulders.
  5. Rings that feel too tight.
  6. Sore piercing.
  7. Emerging ulcer in my mouth, although it already left YESTERDAY from that same spot.
  8. My boyfriend that doesn’t text me back the moment I want him to.
  9. My boyfriend disagreeing with me.
  10. Now seeming like a psycho girlfriend.
  11. Not having sex.
  12. Supposedly ‘woke’ people that have conservative values.
  13. “Porn is disgusting”.
  14. Itchy back.
  15. Tense muscles.
  16. Where the F is my period.
  17. Difficulties finding the right contraception.
  18. Being a girl, so having to be the one to figure out contraception.
  19. Repressed sexuality (and double values).
  20. Praised for being ‘pretty’.
  21. “You’re not allowed to focus on translated texts, this is an English degree, the texts should be in English.”
  22. Itchy scalp.
  23. Long fingernails.
  24. Waxing yourself raw.
  25. Feeling the societal pressure to shave.
  26. Chipped nail polish.
  27. A negative mindset.
  28. Long lists.
  29. Being overly self-critical.
  30. Sore throat.

Yours sincerely,