Paleman is a young producer from Manchester who released his first EP back in July 2012 on Fulcrum records to much acclaim. Having been described as ‘the future of UK underground’ by xlr8r, and with his tunes being supported by the likes of industry stalwarts Mary Anne Hobbs, Zed Bias and Loefah, his popularity has rapidly grown. We had a chat to him after his headline slot for Thick as Thieves at the Cellar Door back in November.

For those who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe it?
Probably just bassy House or Techno.

OK. So having only released one record you’ve found a lot of success over the last few months. Having you been making music for a while or is it something you’ve taken up recently?
I’ve been producing for about 4 years, but I’ve been playing drums for 8 years or something. I started drumming then moved onto making my own tunes.

Is this something that has influenced your percussion-centric sound?
I think subconsciously it does. I mean, obviously you focus on rhythm when you’re studying drums.


Are their any specific producers who have influenced the music you’re making?
There are quite a few really. Everyone on the SWAMP81 label I’m really into, you know. People like Blawan too. Jazz aswell – my favourite Jazz drummers have definitely influenced me.

And who are you favourite producers at the moment?
Mickey Pearce, definitely. Dusky and Chunky are smashing it too.



So being a student up in Manchester, have you struggled to balance your uni stuff with music commitments?
That’s it, man. I’ve moved down to London like a month ago and suddenly I’ve got quite a few bookings and stuff so balancing the two is, yeah, getting harder.

And has the fact that you’re getting more DJ bookings influenced your approach to making tunes?
Yeah definitely. You know, by spending so much time in clubs you get an idea for what people are feeling, and you get more opportunity to test tunes out on a system.

We hear you’ve got a release lined up with Zed Bias. How was it working with him? 
Yeah sick. He’s a genius, man. Absolute genius. I went off and did a beat over like 4 hours or something, then he finished it off.

And finally, what was the first record you bought?
I think it was Disko Rekah, by Loefah.

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