Shadows & Silhouettes

‘These photos make the shadow world the predominant world. Street photography captures the mundane, but in an interesting and provocative way. I’m interested stylistically in shadows and silhouettes because they portray this different perspective – the inverse, the “flip-side” to everyday life.’           Chelsea is a 3rd year English literature student […]

Preserved Meat

Photograph by Elina Brotherus His scent disappeared from the house, along with his clothes, antiques and collections of butchering knives. We sold them all within a week. Everything with his touch was gone except for a stiff piece of meat. He had wrapped it in cling film, saved, to consume later. Now it glares – […]

Exetera’s Thoughts on the Arctic Monkeys

With an almost completely new team behind the reigns at Exetera this year, we realised that within all the hours of editing and discussing ideas there has been very little this team of eight has managed to butt heads over. Upon revision, we’ve thought this needs a change. So, in the hopes we might get […]

Under Glove

‘Pull them out with the coloured side facing you buddy,’ called James’s father from atop the roof. He and his workmate watched as James fought to take yet another five tiles out from the grasp of the palette’s wrapping and onto the rusted elevator, which carried the tiles up to where the two men stood […]

Russian Nerve Agent Attack: A strategic unforced error or election stunt?

George Haimes responds to the reactions of the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal, former double agent for the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, and his daughter Yulia Skripal, and explores possible motives behind the attack.  Following the annexation of Crimea in 2014, James Rogers and Andra-Lucia Martinescu identified both ‘area denial’ and ‘modulated warfare’ as the […]


Lydia Spencer-Elliott reviews the Poltimore Festival launch event at Cavern last month, and anticipates the independent arts festival coming up this May. On the 7th February Poltimore Festival burst back onto Exeter’s social scene with their jam packed launch party at Exeter’s edgiest venue, Cavern. Bristol’s most up and coming musical selections had attendees dancing […]

“Get the FUUK Off Our Pensions”: The Strike for USS

For the past nine days, university lecturers across the country have walked out on strike as part of a 14-day stint of industrial action in protest against drastic changes to their pensions put forward by Universities UK. Here, Orlagh Fallon  tells us why she is supporting our lecturers, and why we should be too. 

L B-H’s Artist Profiles: Emily Young

Luke Bromage-Henry finds a blissful serenity in the sculptures of Emily Young.

L B-H’s Artist Profiles: Rachel Howard

“I don’t see myself as a ‘female painter’ – I see myself as a painter.”
As Rachel Howard’s most recent exhibition opens at the Newport Street Gallery, Luke Bromage-Henry introduces us to one of of Britain’s most powerful living artists.

L B-H’s Artist Profiles: Robert Oscar Lenkiewicz

Luke Bromage-Henry provides a brief introduction to the life of Robert Lenkiewicz, an artist who lived and worked in Devon for most of his life.