Two years ago I wrote this obviously embarrassing piece of verse about February:

Every month that can be, can be cruel
And February is no exception to this rule
For, in retrospect, it has always been
A month of little to no joy at all;
Whether it has been a perfect Janvier
Or a seemingly Bon Année,
Février has always torn itself inside of me.

As you can tell, I was a second year English undergraduate who thought it was ok to reference one of the most quoted lines of T.S Eliot, drop in words from a language I can’t speak (like a grand piano down a stairs), and use a painfully simple rhyme scheme to complain about my life.

That said, February is still my least favourite month. It’s cold and dreary, and nothing really seems to go to plan. In fact, February has been so ill-fated for me in the last few years (although in a relative, don’t-worry-i’m-not-on-suicide-watch-or-anything sort of way, of course), that I now have to ready myself in January for the bad tidings I can’t help but expect it to bring.

Remaining Zen in times of disappointment/stress/despair and/or heartbreak is hard, but music is always there to provide solace, so whether you share a similar relationship to February, or just enjoy listening to songs that help keep you emotionally afloat, then here is my playlist to overcome any wintry misfortunes you may encounter this month. Stay positive!

+ Sky Ferreria – Everything is Embarrassing (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix) +

+ Schoolboy Q – Hands on the World (feat. A$AP Rocky) +

+ Daphni – Yes, I Know +

+ Rustie – Hyperthrust +

+ Dirty Projectors and Björk – On and Ever Onward +

+ Blood Orange – Champagne Coast (Clock Opera Remix) +

+ Hot Chip – Flutes +

And of course: