Buying or renting an affordable property in London has become an increasingly difficult endeavour. Michael Goodier takes the work out of your property search with this list of some of the best value potential homes in the capital that you may have overlooked. Ana Shlyakova illustrates.

Huge open plan garden canvas flat (with tunnel)

Notting Hill – £3,672 pcm


Unfortunately, being on Airbnb, this spacious “garden canvas flat” is only for short term rent. On the other hand it is a great price for the vibrant multicultural neighbourhood of Notting Hill. An added bonus, the tunnel may provide a quick escape route in case of fire or burglary, or a low key exit for overnight guests.

Coat propped up by sticks

Hyde Park W2 – £4,442 pcm


This four-pocket open plan coat propped up by sticks is extremely good value for the central location of Hyde Park, at only £1,025 per week. It’s one of those puffy coats, so has great insulation, and also includes a hood.

The space between my front door and the door behind which it leads to my hallway

Please contact Amanda – £390 pcm


The space between Amanda’s front door and the door behind it which leads to her hallway is extremely good value; it’s secure, and you can even use the kitchen when Amanda is out of the house.

The inside of an antique wood crate (to rent)

Inside a mansion (not for rent), Cheyne Walk, Chelsea – £8,667 pcm


Spacious crate crafted from the finest oak (16th Century, French). Roomy, and well heated by the surrounding mansion (not included). Great value.

4 bedroom house (with windmill)

Inside a Goldfish Bowl, Chelsea, SW3 –  £41,167 pcm


This spacious four bedroom flint house comes with a slightly hefty price tag. However that is more than made up for by the original, mint condition vintage bespoke windmill included in the property. The aquatic surroundings render the bowl completely soundproof, so you can get the sleep you deserve.

Doll’s house within a doll’s house

London W1K – £151,556 pcm


Situated inside one of London’s classier doll houses, this doll’s house is a cosy fit, and even comes equipped with a third even smaller doll’s house inside its tiny living room. Complete with 4 bedrooms, a bathroom (plumbing not included), and your own miniature porcelain family.

A child’s chalk drawing of a house

Covent Garden, London – £17,333 pcm


This child’s chalk drawing of a house is situated on a paving slab in the centre of London, giving you easy access to all of the city’s major landmarks. It has a unique post-modern design, with a triangular window and pink pyramid-shaped roof. In addition, there appears to be some sort of garden shed, presumably for storing the tools necessary for the maintenance of the rather unkempt long chalky white grass. Or is it a swimming pool? I’m not sure. Either way, it’s a real bargain.