Parasitic space phallus looking for strong independent man. Cannot host.

Transdimensional alter ego looking to spend time with a caring male in a multiverse we can call our own.

Disembodied amalgam of all knowledge past, present and future seeks 18-24 female for flirty chat.

Fun-loving, open-minded, “madcap” scientist seeks young, experimental woman with healthy organs.

Man who goes by the name of Occam searching for simple, NSA fun.

Recently bereaved Neptune looking for small icy planet to take the place of an old friend.

Ursa minor seeks well-built, large bear.

Protean humanoid approximation seeks flexible person of either gender. Must be open to change.

Lonely Pluto seeks new celestial group to join after debilitating identity crisis.

Orion’s belt seeks starry-eyed female to wear the trousers.

Infinite light spectrum seeks female prism to focus on. Must be open-minded and not into all that “only seven colours” bullshit.

Rocket boy on collision course with exploding sun seeks distraction.

Young bunsen burner seeks methane male to spark some flames with.

Nasa scientist seeks female woman.

Radioactive particle in midst of half life crisis looking for a stable relationship.

Poly-tentacled septuagenarian looking for someone to cuddle. Must be into slime.

All powerful creator of the universe seeks faithful non-scientific woman into the male-female binary and a bit of traditional logocentricism.

Agar Jelly seeks bacterial friend to start a fresh life, grow together and enjoy new cultural experiences.

Quantum Physicist seeks cat, dead and/or alive.

Feeling spacy? Give me a call.