Our House 2017: Down to the Cellar

Harry Bowley chats to Harry Fox about Our House’s return to Exeter’s nightlife scene.

Hi Harry


How are you?

Good thanks! You?

Doing well, thank you.

Talk us through the fire Cavern, we’re desperate to know. When did you find out, and when did you launch your plan to keep Our House on the move?

The Cavern fire was pretty bad timing all round cos it only happened about 2 weeks before our first show of the series with Medlar. We already had 5 shows planned up to December with a tasty line up in place and a fair bit of cash invested in it, so when I heard the news I was freaking out a bit and praying it wasn’t too bad.

Sadly, it was pretty serious but thank God no one had a night on that evening and everyone was okay! Unfortunately, it left us in a sticky position where we had to either entirely cancel the acts or reschedule for this new series which was way too stressful.

Also, we’re not blessed with a multitude of venues in Exeter and I wasn’t prepared to run a show somewhere that I didn’t feel was right for the brand (we got offers from upstairs Time Piece!). Move is the only logical alternative and actually offers a lot of potential to do some new exciting stuff, including opening a second room, but it took a while to sort out dates that worked for us, hence the absence!

It was pretty gutting to be away for so long. Last year made a lot of great memories.

I’ve got to say, your Our Houses’s new graphics are really neat and fresh, who does them for you?

I couldn’t agree more! It’s a chap called Alex Bausire who’s a great friend of Al’s (who’s helping run things this year). I really admire how he captures the brand with his fun, quirky style.

I’ve always felt the artwork of an event like this is so important. It’s the first impression that people get and gives off a feel for what sort of a night it is, so I’m really happy with what he’s done and glad people are appreciating it.

He’s also done other stuff for his night in Bristol called ‘Chop Shop’ and his new night in London, ‘Unpopular Demand’ so check those out. Looking forward to sharing the next ones with you.

Sounds great. We can’t wait for you guys to make your return. Tell us a bit about Dixon Avenue Basement Jams and the first Our House night of this term.

We’re really going all out.

Our House was a big part of Uni last year for a lot of people and its not been here so far, so we owe it to everyone to put on the best nights of the year.

When we got the first date in at Move, my immediate reaction was we need to book Dixon Avenue Basement Jams for the first show because I had heard a story about how they earned their name which was through hosting crazy after parties in the basement of their house on Dixon Avenue in Glasgow and the atmosphere in the cellar at Move matches it perfectly.

The DJs in Glasgow know how to party harder than anyone else (as we found out from Denis Sulta and Jasper James) and these two lads sound like a lot of fun. After party at yours?

;), And what about the other bookings? I can see you’re going for an around the world them.

That actually just happened by accident but it’s a cool bonus. The brilliant thing about being in the EU is that we can get these guys over without too much red tape (!). Move allows us to spend a little bit more money too because of the bigger capacity.

We’ve basically stuck true to our game and booked DJs that will blow your mind even if they’re not necessarily the guys at the top of a line up. Each bring their unique own sound from their city, so I guess it will be like a bit of a trip. Save your interrailing money.

Any surprises that we can expect?

I think we’ll step up the game in terms of visual production and we’re also bringing in some special friends to help us out in the second room for the next ones. Dreamy collaborations! Other than that you’ll have to come and see! Cavern is due open sometime in April, however we are certainly very excited for what this series has in store for us

Thanks for coming to talk to us, Harry. See you on Friday!

Our House returns with Dixon Avenue Basement Jams on the 20th January at Move, with subsequent fortnightly events on the 3rd February, 18th February and 4th March.