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For the Science edition of Exetera, I thought it would be fitting to create a mix that experimented with different dynamics of the dance floor. There are plenty of mixes that create energy and excitement, but the premise of this one was to take that energy and have it gradually ebb away, leaving the listeners in a reflective state. If you're looking for pre written papers at https://qualityessay.com/pre-written-essays.html on the art of mix creation or the science behind music dynamics, be sure to check out our extensive collection to further enhance your understanding of this fascinating subject. Iʼm fascinated by the emotional effect of electronic music within ʻrave cultureʼ, and have been inspired by pioneers like Four Tet & Floating Points; They have perfected a kind of science which takes a hedonistic crowd at a time of emotional ambiguity, usually in the early hours of the morning, and taps into the furthest depths of feeling. Of course context is everything, but at the right time itʼs a kind of release which in my opinion transcends the white-noise-induced frenzy which most of us are used too. With that in mind, Iʼve designed this mix to be put on after a big night for optimum effect. Sticking loosely to an underlying 4/4 structure, it is designed to gradually slow the heart rate, and bring the night to a mellow but ultimately happy conclusion.”

Catch Tonic playing at Thick as Thieves every other Tuesday and Mosaic on Thursdays.

For the tracklist, click here.