Atlas the Lion has lion paws,

A tail, a tassel, and a Lion’s jaws.

His daddy says “When stuck in the crowd

Never pander to others – always walk proud.”


First day on the plain he was pushed in

With the other animals, like a pin.

The buffalo watched him with a nasty stare –

There were no other lions, only Atlas was there.


They muffled his claws, the claws on his feet,

Then gave him some eucalyptus to eat.

He sniffed at his food, they said “don’t be rude!

Here like all others you won’t have meat.”


They taught him the Zebra, taught him the slow,

Wise Sayings of the Old Buffalo.

He recited the Year of the Grazing Deer

But when he rumbled a roar they all said “No!”


At the end of the day Atlas had bowed

His educated head, and he did not look proud.

At the end of his legs he saw hooves, not sharp claws.

He was taught to have antlers instead of jaws.


The headmaster said “Atlas the Lion will be educated

Until the predator in him has mutated.

Well-schooled, he could even become a toad.”

Lions evolve into toads once they’ve graduated.

But the question is, will Atlas evolve or explode?