The end is nigh. Fresher’s week, alas, is drawing to a close. You’ve awoken to the morning after the night before. And we suggest that you also read our partner's research from essayswriters.com at https://essayswriters.com/on how this condition negatively affects our daily life Hazy recollections of alcohol-induced embarrassments begin to worm their way into your fragile brain, and you know that as hard as you try, you’re not leaving your bed today. Don’t fight it; embrace your duvet and eat that left over pizza staling in a box on your floor. It’s time to watch a movie, or maybe six. Here are a few which are sure to comfort and amuse you in these trying times, because we both know you’re not in any state to choose one yourself.


Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

It’s Phoebe Buffay from Friends being funny and endearing with another blonder girl who’s doing the same. What could be better than two high school losers being reunited with their classmates whilst still blissfully unaware of the fact that nobody liked them? Nothing, that’s what. Throw in some garish 90s clothing and you’ve got a real winner.



It’s a well known fact that any movie with a makeover in it is perfect hangover viewing. Actually, they’re always perfect viewing. Remember Mean Girls, Miss Congeniality, The Princess Diaries and Clueless? Well, Jawbreaker has a makeover AND a murder, as well as a high school queen bitch who makes Regina George look like Mother Teresa.



One of the few times in the history of film when Ben Stiller is actually likeable. This is his funniest and most iconic role as the really, really, really, ridiculously good looking male supermodel, Zoolander. A film that never loses its humour, it’s sure to lighten your mood after an unsavoury morning spent with your head poised over the toilet bowl.


How To Train Your Dragon

Because, even though you won’t admit it, dragons are cool.


Best In Show

Best in Show is a semi-improvised mockumentary that explores the world of American dog breeding and training championships. A weirdly brilliant film that will have you laughing out the toxins in no time.


Any of the Harry Potters

Pure magic. We’ve all seen them, and we’ll all see them again. If you’re not watching because you’re a seasoned super-fan, watch because Daniel Radcliffe’s acting is at times is so dire that it will convince you that even if you fail at university, you WILL make it as an actor.


The Muppets

The songs in this movie are, frankly, incredible. By far my favourite Muppet film, it is upbeat, heart-warming, and, even with Amy Adams’ squeaky voice shattering our ear-drums, one of the most underrated American comedies in years.