So when we first found out that Beats and Bass was moving from its fortnightly Wednesday slot at Cavern to replace Exit at Cellar Door every other Tuesday, we were weeping into our Hype T-shirts and perfectly preserved Airmaxes, mourning the fate of our beloved Cavern. But hey, things change. Over it. Especially because our first experience of the shiny new night involved the recently returned Ariel, bringer of all great music, and the infamous Artwork, one third of the musical powerhouse Magnetic Man. It was a night of great music, £1 caramel vodka shots and voguing at the back of the dancefloor. Apparently we weren’t the only ones who had a good time, with Artwork himself tweeting:

“Dear fellow disc jockeys. If you get asked to play in Exeter on a Tuesday night, you may like me think “mehh”…. but how wrong I was. Last night I plyed @BeatsandbassUK , it’s some communist non profit gig run by students or some shit. But jeeeees do they know how to party”

Beats and Bass remains one of Exeter’s most worthwhile nights out, and while we’ll miss the outdated decor of Cavern, complete with a years-old poster of Kate Nash, it’s nothing that the heavily sweating walls of Cellar Door can’t make up for. So, why not give the night a try, and if it’s up your street head to the Students’ Guild website and get yourself a Beats and Bass membership for discounted tickets and advance booking.