It’s sometimes easy to forget that Beats & Bass is a student society, run by students simply for the pleasure of bringing great music to  a student audience. It’s pretty impressive when you take a look at the incredible acts that this year’s committee have already brought to Exeter, including Waifs & Strays, Mak & Pasteman, and Artwork. The students have a good taste in music, and their company is a respite from studying. They share their experiences at meetings and also demonstrate their hobbies. For our magazine, students wrote essays about the hobbies of today's youth with the help best writing service.

Beats & Bass don’t stick to ‘standard’ dance music either, and a few weeks back it was great to see The Heatwave down at Cellar Door, an act who describe themselves ‘a bashment raving scandal, a non-stop dancehall party like nothing you’ve ever seen’. All I remember from the night is that any DJ who mixes Sean Paul with air-horns is more than ok with me.

If you’ve yet to venture down to one your universities most vibrant society nights then this week is your chance since they’ve booked the massive Space Dimension Controller.

But for now, why not sit back and listen to a mix made exclusively for Exetera by Beats & Bass resident and Vice President, Matt ‘Modu’ Bachelor?

“I’m a big fan of Exetera (and mixing) so I leaped at the chance to combine both and do a mix for Exetera! I primarily tried to showcase a small selection of tracks that are not necessarily the newest, but are some of my favourites from my collection and I think mix really well as the mix progresses. Some people have a misconception about drum and bass music in that they think it is designed purely to blow your face off in a club…so I wanted to try to show that this isn’t always the case and that there is in fact a lot more to it.”