The weather outside is glorious, and look at us, sitting on the wrong side of the library window. So in an attempt to lift your weary, studious spirits we’re bringing you another exclusive mix from the guys over at Hijacked festival. We also want to inform you that there is also an online library with many essays and studies that you can find at Alexander ‘Cuzo’ Mancuso mixes funk and electronic house to bring some sunshine into your studies and give you a taste of what we can expect from the festival. This mix is a treat, so plug in your earphones, turn up the volume, and daydream of the days to come when we can act like stereotypical students – getting drunk in the day and partying at night. Hold on guys, we’re nearly there.

Cuzo: “It’s been a while since I created my last mix, when asked to follow up from Thomas Cooke I aimed to create a set, which would highlight the right vibe for the festival. As far as I’m aware I will be playing my first set in the afternoon. I took this into account when thinking of my chosen tracks for the mix, resulting in a funky house vibe, which evolves into a more electronic atmospheric house style. This mix takes the listener through a journey representing a day feature of a festival. I would’ve liked to create a mix emphasizing on the style of the acts booked but I ended up choosing against your generic deep house approach. I honestly have never in my career planned a set, I like to flow with the vibe of the audience and I plan to do so on the day of the festival.”

Exetera x Hijacked Mix Series: 002 by Exeteramagazine on Mixcloud

And here’s a picture of David Gandy and Bianca Balti showing us exactly how we’re all going to look this summer: