I don’t really understand what’s just happened, but I can categorically say that I am one hundred percent for it. Living in a time in which every article of pop culture is intensely (and correctly) scrutinised for signs of bigotry and general offensiveness, it can sometimes feel like acting ethically with regards to issues of race/gender/sexuality etc. is impossible. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; if anything, we could all stand to learn more about what is and isn’t appropriate. However, it can be refreshing when someone boils it down to a simple role reversal: what if we treated X like we treated Y (or rather XY and XX)?

Ladies and gentleman, I present the newest videos by JLo and Fly Young Red, so you don’t have to imagine exactly what it would be like if we objectified men in music videos like we do women, because they’ve already done it for you.

It’s not a perfect solution by any means, but if something can disrupt pervasive societal prejudices and gender roles, even for just a moment, and do it by clapping boy bootie, I’m not going to complain.