If, like me, you are spending the weekend confined to your room and glued to your laptop, this one’s for you. You’re probably bored of scrolling aimlessly through your Facebook, enlivened occasionally by the nuggets of actually-interesting information that punctuate the torrent of monotony which otherwise comprises your News Feed. When that boredom is simply too much, it’s time to turn to the websites linked below. They come to you from the desolate further reaches of cyberspace, and although they are completely useless, they are completely enthralling – more enthralling, in fact, than trout-pout selfies and status updates about going to the gym. I’ll leave you to decide whether they are transcendental works of post-Tumblr art or inane nonsense. Either way, be glad to know that they’re out there, somewhere, waiting for you to pay them a visit.

Click on an image to discover a website you never knew existed.