Exeter’s cinema game caters to all tastes – whether you need to catch the latest critically-acclaimed black-and-white Albanian Art House thriller about a man with one arm trying – and failing – to swat a fly for seven hours, or, alternatively, want to indulge in a no-brain Rom Com as sickly sweet as your popcorn. Luckily for you, we’ve complied a list of the silver screen escapes at which you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


Situated: Summerland Gate, Cheeke St

Student prices start at £7.10

Serving up the latest slew of mainstream movies with all the impersonality and over-priced beverages that has come to define modern cinema chains, Exeter’s Vue movie theatre isn’t anything to write home about. It’s overpriced, sterile, bloated – and that’s being kind. You might as well stream the latest Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson masterpiece on your 12 inch laptop screen in your dingy student halls bedroom, whilst eating your fifth microwave lasagne of the week.


Situated: Sidwell St

Student prices start at £4.90

Besides a lick of paint and new employees, the Exeter’s Odeon cinema has preserved most of its original charm since its very first screening of “The Charge of the Light Brigade”way back in 1937. The nostalgia-inducing grandeur of this war-surviving venue transforms any old trip to the flicks into a trip back to a simpler time; a time when smoking was openly encouraged, dental cavities didn’t exist and, what is now Arena, used to be a grassy mound where lovers went for picnics rather than Jaegerbombs. Those were the days.

Campus Cinema

Situated: somewhere on campus

Student prices start at £3.50

The septuagenarian campus cinema is a firm favourite amongst students. First years flock for a fix of heavily discounted tickets and a diverse array pictures, while members enjoy tickets priced as low as £2. The downsides: big-draw films prove immensely popular and sell out early, while the plastic chairs evoke memories of sitting on the floor during a primary school assembly. But, on the whole, the campus cinema offers a cheap, enjoyable alternative to the rip-off mega chains down town. Oh, and popcorn is only a quid.

The Picture House

Situated: Bartholomew St (down the hill from Walkabout)

Student prices (with a £10 yearly membership) start at £4.50

Do you dream of a place where your love for five hour-long, subtitled films about death, love and lesbians doesn’t provoke familial ostracism and outbursts of mindless violence? Then maybe we should be friends. Also, maybe you should go check out The Picture House, Exeter’s refuge for all things cine. Functioning as a shelter for homeless Film Studies lecturers, the venue boasts spacious sofa-like seats, a trendy café serving various types of tea and European beers, and two cinema screens. The Picture House is a film-lover’s home away from home. Why go anywhere else? Maybe we could go together sometime. Call me?