hughes rainbow


#bendgate has caused uproar amongst iPhone 6 Plus users. Brand new phones have been bent, curved, ruined beyond recognition (the poor things). But I think this outrage serves as yet another example of how our culture scorns any deviation from a socially-constructed ‘norm’. From weight to sexuality, the power structures in our society scream at us to be thin, straight and normal. We are forced to conform to a damaging hetronormative image or face discrimination, dispair and personal anguish. The iPhone 6 Plus hullabaloo is the latest string in an anti-bender bow that relentlessly seeks to shoot any ‘deviants’ to the margins of society.

Well, Exetera has had enough. We say it’s okay to deviate from the straight and narrow. You don’t have to be perfect and skinny all the time. Slouch. Don’t cave into media pressure; embrace your concave curvaceous shape! Celebrate your imperfections! Sometimes, as the things below know all too well, it’s better to be bendy…

PatrickHughes rainbow cloud

warhol bananas