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With this week’s installment the HKD Mix Series is going international.

Blind ’92 grew up in Amersfoort, a little city in the heart of the Netherlands but now lives in Chengdu, China. Although Amersfoort boasts an abundance of creativity, Bram was inspired by the dynamic underground scenes of Berlin and Amsterdam at a young age. This long time passion for music has taken him to clubs in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Chengdu, Chongqing, conquering the world one country with his unique blend of house music.

We caught up with the Dutch DJ ahead of his set at Hijacked Festival this May.

Hi Bram, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. It’s a privilege to have a mix in the series coming from so far away! Can you tell us a bit about your background in music and what you do now?

I have been interested in music since I was very young, but at age of 15 it became a passion of mine. At that time I still didn’t know a lot about it because I never learned to play an instrument. I was also still living in The Netherlands. After I graduated I decided to move to China and take my shot to start a real carrier into music. Now I travel around China to play in the underground clubs, and organize events in Chongqing,

What or who would you say have been big influences to your DJ style?

My biggest influence is James Holden, for me he is the most brilliant artist on this earth. But also DJs like Marcel Dettman and Midland are very important for my sound. You can hear this in my HKD podcast too, a combination of dark sounds and melodic with lots of percussion.

With your mix coming all the way from China, what does it mean to be involved with the HKD Mix Series and the Hijacked brand?

I am very honored my music has the opportunity to cross the borders of China, and is able to join the Hijacked brand. From the moment I moved to China I lost my connections with Europe, so it feels good my music can go back to my roots now.

Each DJ has approached their mix in the series in a unique way. Can you tell us why you selected these particular tracks and what you wanted to achieve overall?

For this mix I didn’t want to make it like a club mix, but I wanted to create a podcast what would be interesting to listen at home. So I combined some new and older tracks, which all had something interesting about them. Think about vocals, percussion and the synths. I also tried to create a new combined sound with every mix in between two songs.