hijacked deuchers


After treating you to our first mix from TaT heavy weight Vandeleur last week, we bring you the second contribution to the Hijacked Mix Series from popular student DJ, Tom Deuchars. The depth of his musical knowledge and ability to transcend various genres from disco to soul to techno are just a couple of reasons why Thick as Thieves snapped up Deuchars after he cut his teeth with Our House in 2013.

Now one of the most popular Resident DJs on the Exeter underground scene, Deuchars carefully selected mix of vocal and bass make his sets all the more unmissable at any one of the dance nights he graces in Exeter. Highlights so far have been a range of diverse sets for his various Residencies – most notably his appearance at the Beats and Bass stage takeover for the mesmerising Futureboogie night at dance music Mecca AKA Motion, Bristol. Deuchars’s wide ranging musical wisdom is often imparted at the Beats and Bass Society’s DJ workshops, and now we’re lucky enough to be able to share with you a taste of things to come as the countdown to his upcoming slot at Hijacked Festival begins.

Hi Deuchars. First things first… For people who have never seen you play, could you give us a quick overview of what people can expect to hear?

It really all depends on the night and crowd I’m playing to as to what I play, but usually it’s either House or Techno or some sort of mixture of the two. When I’m playing for Thick as Thieves I’ll usually go for stuff a bit heavier and with Our House I’ll usually go for more classics/Chicago house to keep it varied. I do love a bit of cheese/disco every once in a while too and just anything that’s got a good feel to it – a highlight was dropping Kelis’s “Millionaire” to a packed main room in the Phoenix.

Were there any particular influences you drew on when selecting the songs for your mix?

Outside of stuff like this I’m massively into disco and hip-hop so my tastes are probably largely influenced by that. Quite a few of the records have subtle references to jungle too. There weren’t really any major influences to the track list particularly, but I tried to choose songs that would all stand up on their own as well as having good variety of styles and a mixture of old and new stuff.

I’ve also got a great bootleg in there by a mate of mine, Sam Hall, which takes one of my favourite tracks released on My Love Is Underground and combines it with a classic house vocal.

Finally, what do you think makes Hijacked such a special festival with it set to sell out in only its second year of existence?

Hijacked is a great festival because it does the simple things really well and has a tight knit crew behind it who really know what they’re doing. There’s music for everyone as well a great crowd and the location is top notch too – I don’t think you could ask for much more from a day festival.