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The Green Party of England and Wales believe in the representation of the many not the few. This core mantra is why we believe we represent you students. The party is completely against austerity and the effects it has on society. We should never forget that the recession and debt was caused not by government overspending but by the lack of financial regulations and unsustainable capitalism. While others may demonise those that require help from the state or those who come from abroad we look to tackle the real causes of our problems.

Everyone benefits in a society from more education. In few words the answer to student loans or a “graduate tax” (as the liberals would like to rebrand it) should be accounted for in a fair income tax system. Why would you place unneeded stress and further bureaucracy into the situation?

Injustice is the £100bn wasted on nuclear weapons, the lack of LGBT education for children, the criminal convictions for drug addiction (a form of self-harm), lack of female representation in the House of Commons, our voting system where only about 30% of votes count and much more. If you want a fair society working for the common good with more MP’s like Caroline Lucas then VOTE GREEN.

No other party pledges to provide the funding increases that the NHS so desperately needs and reverse any and all privatisation so that it is free at the point of use. It is our mission to repeal the health and social care act brought in by the coalition and eliminate the damaged caused by the awful PFI contracts brought in by a once left labour who is appealing to moderate Tories.

Furthermore, we face huge challenges in housing as I am sure you are aware. The supply of housing is way too low and no other party promises to provide the scale of new housing as the greens pledging 500,000 new social rented homes. On top of this we need rent controls to prevent the exploitation of tenants and make renting viable without the fear of not being on the property ladder which will doom the youth. Our houses are homes not financial investments!

The demand for change is urgent, we can’t wait while benefit sanctions ravage the most vulnerable, food banks have become common place and working populations still do not earn enough money to live on. Inequality causes more social and economic problems than I have space to detail. A green revolution is a work intensive one that provides real jobs in renewables, domestic manufacturing and local production which is a true solution to unemployment.

Climate change will not be addressed by any other party; the terms are floundered on by other parties but not this one. 80% of fossil fuels MUST stay in the ground. Climate change will generate more refugees than any war. We have one planet and one chance not to ruin our lives and the lives of our future. We cannot stand by while our planet is exploited for profit, our biodiversity is destroyed and the culture of overconsumption is sold to us by the rich. Two degrees is the point at which catastrophic change is more likely than not.

If you would rather not think about this then vote for business-as-usual, but on your hands be it. So, if you want a positive and more sustainable future then vote Green on May 7th.