A few Fridays ago, the Exetera gang headed down to the historic Powderham Castle grounds along with a few members of the Hijacked entourage to check out what they had in store for this year’s site. After their successful takeover of the pub grounds over at Double Locks last year, we all have high hopes for 2015’s iteration.

Without giving too much away (we don’t want to spoil all the surprises), the site sprawls out from one of the many expansive corners of the Powderham Castle estate in a space slightly bigger than last year to accommodate the larger number of attendees expected to flock to the South West destination this summer.

Despite only being located a 15 minute drive from the city centre, you’re transported to something that resembles what could be the deepest, darkest depths of the Devon countryside, giving the site that isolated “tucked away in the woods somewhere” festival vibe. The towering trees that line the entrance and interior of the site and the backdrop of Exmouth estuary provide a much needed break from the often drab and grey eye-sores of the city. If the Great British weather graces us with sunshine, I’m pretty sure the site will offer some stunning views as well.

With promises of a bigger main stage, a light show, louder sound systems and even hot ait balloon rides on show, the Hijacked guys are certainly cranking it up to 11 this year. And I would struggle to think of a better to put on Exeter’s biggest summer party than in the shadow of a beautiful historical building dated from mediaeval times.

The patrons of the estate farm shop will surely be in for a shock when they nip down to Powderham to get their milk and eggs only to be greeted by a sea of bass hungry revellers this May.

powderham 2


powderham 3

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