HKD last magpie


As his name would suggest, Last Magpie picks up, gathers and masterfully combines musical gems from across the board to create and influence his finely tuned house and 2step hybrids. He aims to keep his style quite open and doesn’t restrict himself to any one genre under his Magpie moniker. Instead, the vastly experienced DJ draws on elements from house, techno, dub and garage (both UK & US) with a hint of old school jungle to keep the vibes as fresh as they are interesting.

These creative habits stem from Magpie’s early interests in electronic music. His tastes and influences expanded from Jungle and hardcore further into more ambient house and progressive sounds. Recently, Last Magpie has notably chalked up a number of well-received releases for Hypercolour and its little sister imprint, Losing Suki. Without fail, each release has pushed both his and the label’s sound forward with an adept skill of crafting something new, distinctive and, crucially, highly danceable each and every time.

It’s unsurprising at live sets to find a throw-back of early Chicago House or Detroit Techno seamlessly sandwiched in-between more modern cuts with a distinctive sound, shaped by earlier influences. Always unpredictable and always brilliant fun, you don’t want to miss Last Magpie fluttering through multiple genres at Hijacked this summer.

Last Magpie. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! Can you tell us a bit about your influences?

Last Magpie is my project where I dont stick to a genre. My mood for the day is what decides the outcome of the track. This mix is everything from deep ambient house right through to some hardcore and jungle tracks. There’s some new bits from me in there too!

Why did you select these particular tracks for you mix? And can you tell us a bit about your mix in general?

I did the mix in 1.20 but really its kind of what i like to do over 3 hours. I find my sets start somewhere and can go off in tangents at anytime if it feels right.. The mix is all about that

Finally, what are you most looking forward to about Hijacked festival this summer? And can you tell us what we can expect from your set at Powderham Castle?

The site looks really great. I have played exeter a fair few times and love the quaint, oldy worldy feel of the city. It gives it a friendly warm feel. I love visiting castles and historical sites so to play one will be a bonus for me!