Tonight, the Friday Our House crowd fills Cavern’s cobbled alley to welcome BBC Radio 1’s Moxie and Binary Vision’s, Shenk. Since their Exeter early beginnings four years ago, the Our House team Harry Gordon, Harry Fox and Marek Skibinski, attract sell-out nights. Whilst Skibinski says Our House feels like a ‘little family’, tonight was not small in its proportions.

Following a strong warm up from Our House Residents Alex Woolley and Tom Deuchars, Shenk seamlessly laid on the progressive sounds of Binary Vision to Cavern’s decks. Playing a well restrained warm up, his rolling techno set established the vibe for Moxie.

Our House!

Progress is, for sure, Our House’s central theme for success. By the time Moxie arrives, the night surpasses Cavern’s proportions. With balanced classic vibes and upfront boundary pushing tunes, Moxie plays a classically eclectic set, encompassing a diverse range of house and techno. Progress continues as she plays unreleased Leon Vynehall tunes.

Yet Moxie, who has stormed NTS radio, London Popular Residency, Warehouse Project, and Fabric tells us she is impressed with the atmosphere created by Cavern’s ‘low ceilings’. Our House, in this respect, speaks for itself. On a night that hosts warehouse names, the evening sustains a personal tone. Perhaps this is why Our House has succeeded, where others have fallen short, in filling the cracks between the typically opposing student and local crowds.

It was hard to not get swept up by the enthusiasm of the Our House team. The sincerity of the night’s energy was infectious. With two massive names, Parsons admits this marks a huge step up for the Exeter scene. But as graduation looms ever closer for three major components of the Our House team, the question being asked is not whether its success can be topped, but is it sustainable after the original residency move on. We highly anticipate the next Our House event with KLOSE ONE (Swamp 81) hosted by Johnny Banger on Friday 12th February.


• Our House returns this Friday with KLOSE ONE (Swamp 81) hosted by Johnny Banger at Cavern. Tickets are available here. Follow Our House on Facebook for more event updates