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An Exeter University student has actually found a seat in the library, Exetera can exclusively reveal.

In what has been described by commentators as “nothing short of a miracle,” third year Maths student Siddan Shuddap stumbled across a free space in +1 silent study. The library has recently been busier than top top Timepiece with exam season in full swing. Free spaces have become a distant memory as students pitch up for weeks at a time to panic about exams, message friends on Facebook to tell them that they’re panicking about exams, and eat crisps loudly.

Siddan, however, chanced his arm and searched for a seat at 6 am this morning. His luck paid off, with Siddan finally acquiring a space only a few hours later. Although Christmas has passed, it seems that gifts are still being handed out.

The University released a statement commending Siddan’s perseverance, saying that his actions “constitute a momentous occasion in our University’s history. Exeter University has always been committed to values of innovation, dedication and hard work. Siddan embodies this philosophy.”

Siddan, whose discovery coincides with an “ironic” sit down protest about the lack of library spaces to be held in The Forum tomorrow, described his unprecedented feat in similarly dramatic terms. “I feel like Charlie with his golden ticket,” he told Exetera. “I never thought that I’d be able to get a seat this week but my story goes to show how dreams can come true. To anyone trying to source a place, my message is: keep going, be patient and don’t stop looking as you never know what’s round the corner.”

If you find yourself in the library, however, the chances are that it won’t be a free seat.