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People more than ever feel disconnected from Westminster politics and the three main parties. As a young person I got involved with UKIP because I wanted a new form of politics in which politicians listen to all rather than the few and don’t make false promises. If you want people who will stand up for you on a local and national level then I would encourage you to vote UKIP on May 7th.

The housing crisis and rising rents at huge issues facing the public and young people in particular. UKIP has a solution for this and one that is backed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. We would make it easier to convert homes in disuse and  build one million homes by 2025 to address the housing shortage arising from an increasingly population. This would ,in my view, increase supply and make housing more affordable.

Secondly, UKIP is going to make sure you keep more of your money in your pocket through increasing the tax threshold so that those on a full time minimum wage (around £13,000 annually) do not pay any more tax. Moreover, we would reduce taxation from 40% to 30% for those earning between £45300 and £55000. We also want reduce the public sector deficit and national debt – standing at £90 billion and £1.5 billion respectively – caused by the Labour party and exacerbated by the Coalition’s failed economic policies which have plunged us into an even deeper financial malaise. We would fund these policies by cutting our EU contributions, reducing foreign aid to 0.2% of GNI, replacing the Barnett formula and derailing the self-indulgent and unnecessary HS2 project. Our tax and spend plans are the only policies independently verified by the Centre for Economics and Business research.

One of the biggest reasons I joined the party was because of its ardent desire for political reform. The party is committed to political reform through looking to a more proportional system to reduce wasted and tactical voting. We want you to be able recall elected representatives in order to hold them accountable to their electorate. In this system, broken promises will be punished. We will also give you an opportunity every two years to have a referendum on any issue that receives more than 2 million signatures – a policy that will ensure real power lies in the hands of the people rather than a select few.

And we must addresses the elephant in the room when it comes to student politics: tuition fees. We are not going to lie to you unlike the Liberal Democrats. We as a party  want to make tuition fees free in the long term. Nevertheless, having looked at our taxation and spending in our fully costed manifesto we have recognised that free higher education for all is, at this moment in time, impossible. With this in mind, we have pinpointed the areas in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics where we can make tuition fees free provided that people work in Britain for 5 years after studying enabling students to make a contribution to Britain. We believe this is a fair policy that recognises the contribution students make to society.

I hope I have provided you a case as to why you should vote UKIP on May 7th. Even if you don’t agree with UKIP then please make sure you go and cast your vote at the ballot box ensure the student voice is heard.