Tat hands


It’s always dark when you’re down in the underground depths of the Cellar Door. But it’s a darker day still when you learn the home of so many good dance nights over the years has closed it’s doors (or, more accurately, Door) for good.

It fills us with sorrow that The Cellar Door will only exist to baby faced Freshers as a myth, a whisper, a raving raver of a ghost that haunts the present. They will never experience what it’s like to trek down to the quay for a Thick as Thieves night, descend the slippery staircase and bask in hours of hedonism. They will never know what it’s like to drown in a sea of bass, sweat and smoke with your best mates in the confines of those corrugated walls. And they will never know just how difficult it is so go for a piss in the men’s urinal if you’re over 4ft 2.

They will, however, experience almost all these things over at the Cavern. That’s right: The Thieves, who can turn even the most straight edge One Direction fanatic into a discerning house head, have relocated: a new chapter written in the depths of a new underground venue is ready to be written.

The Cavern now plays host to all Exeter’s worthwhile dance music nights as The Thieves join fellow aficionados Our House and Beats and Bass in calling the Cavern ‘home’. Now in their 4th year, the Thieves are well into a roaring autumn campaign. After kicking things off with an end of summer boat party, the collective made a brilliant debut at the Cavern with their season launch marked with the usual Thick as Thieves staples: funky beats, booming bass, wavy garms, cheap drinks and all round good vibez. It was also a pleasure to see the evening lit up by the Thieves’ signature lighting rig.

And the fun has only just begun, as TaT residents will be joined by a mouth-watering array of incredible headline bookings for the rest of the term. London based House duo Wayward take to the Cavern desks in a weeks’ time, while we can barely contain our excitement that Waze an Odyssey (who are responsible for one of the best RnB remixes ever) will grace the Phoenix on 24th October. It’s set to be one of the biggest nights in Exeter’s underground scene this side of Christmas and we strongly urge you to get your early bird ticket, don your Air Max’s and come party with us!

The Thieves have stepped out of the Cellar and into the Cavern. We advise you to follow suit.

You can purchase an exclusive Players Club Membership along with tickets for all Thick as Thieves events on their website here.