tin foil kiss


Happy Valentine’s!

Whatever you think about the romantic holiday/commercialised circlejerk, we’ve got two playlists to cover the vast spectrum of emotions. And you say we never treat you. Whether you’re blissfully besotted or basking in lonesome regret this morning, there’s a track for you.

For those of you oh so in love, languish in our choices of dreamy and ethereal alternative rock. There’s some sugar-sweet lyrics you can mouth to each other as well. You could even shamelessly steal our selections and make a mixtape for your Tumblr obsessed better half. It’s okay – we don’t mind playing choral Cupid. For the less trite amongst you, gird your loins and get down and dirty with some risqué R&B. Set the mood whilst you indulge your wildest fantasies involving that mysterious and attractive guy/girl with nice hair that you make awkwardly short eye contact with. Promise we won’t tell.


Loners: we haven’t forgotten you. The heartbreakers and the heartbroken. The despondent and downtrodden. There’s something for you sassy singletons too. If Valentine’s means nothing more than clearance rack Clinton’s cards and petrol station roses, or you’re just disillusioned with affection, make this the soundtrack to your stages of grief. Empathise with Ian Curtis’ failed marriage or Kelly Rowland’s abusive relationship. Let The Cure be the accompaniment to your winter of discontent or just say fuck you to love with some golden era grime.