We like to think we have a special relationship with the guys that make up Thick as Thieves. And while we don’t want to brag, (ever), we’ve only gone and got you an exclusive Hijacked mix from one of Exeter’s premiere disc jockeys, Vandeleur.

This DJ, known to his parents as Thomas, has been described by one of the music industry’s most influential minds (me), as ‘an OK DJ with above average skills’. We can assure you that this mix confirms the hype.

This is just the start of a number of exclusive mixes that Exetera will be bringing you in the lead up to Hijacked festival, so be prepared for more where this came from. If you haven’t got your tickets already you can purchase them here, but in the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy Vandeleur’s incredible mix.

Vandeleur: “I’ve been wanting to do a new mix for ages, so jumped at the chance when Exetera asked me! Seeing as this is a mix to promote Hijacked festival, I thought it would be interesting to try and create my ideal 1 hour set. That is, if I only had myself as the audience, what would I want to hear from a DJ within that timeframe? I really like sets to tell some sort of story, it’s all very well jumping on and playing 3 minutes of every track at 125bpm but that’s just not very engaging. As such, I’ve worked hard to put these tracks together in a way that will encourage your mind to wander off and take you somewhere else when you listen to them.”

Exetera x Hijacked Mix Series: 001 by Exeteramagazine on Mixcloud