Hi Simon thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. What are you up to at the moment music wise?

Hey guys, thanks for having me! Music wise it’s really busy. Currently I’m label manager for Shadow Child & Kry Wolf’s Food Music imprint. As well as this, I’m beginning to work with Material Music mainly on the Future Disco brand but also including the Needwant and Boso labels. The rest of my time is put toward DJIng and producing under my Xhosah alias. Il be joining forces in the studio with Will Wadham [Mylan] very soon which I’m really excited about. Exeter’s dance music scene has changed dramatically over the past few years.

Great stuff! What was it like to have a main role in this transformation?

I’m really proud to be part of the core that was there at the beginning of it all. You know that saying “you never realise what you had till its gone”? Well… That. Honestly having that community and running nights at the cellar was such a big part of my life at Exeter and I still miss it a lot. I think anyone that was part of the initial movement will vouch that it was a special time. Hijacked is a big chance to see and party with all these people again and I can’t fucking wait.

How did Exit evolve during your time at Exeter?

Exit started as a middle ground between the existing nightlife and Thieves. The idea was to introduce the people that hadn’t been to Cellar Door before into this new underground scene that TaT were pioneering in the city. We brought Hannah Wants to Exeter first, showed Kry Wolf how to have a proper after party and had some mad fluke when we had Ben Pearce debut at the Cellar just as “What I Might Do” dropped. I’m proud of what we achieved and think Sophie, Brand and I had a great run. I’ve been so impressed with Fran and the team keeping things moving in Exeter though and Exit clearly still has momentum.

What genres interest you most at the moment? And do these inflect your mix at all?

I recently moved flats and came across all my old vinyl from when I first started. I’ve been playing a lot of the old funky house which is represented by the Kid Creme remix of Shakedown in my mix. To be honest the mix is pretty varied and is just a big collage of bits I’m feeling at the moment, old and new. There’s a new Waifs & Strays track included which is forthcoming on Skream’s “Of Unsound Mind” label – big fan of that.

Which tracks can’t you stop listening to at the minute?

The track I open with: Ashworth – Cork. I’m a sucker for this “man-trance” that’s been on the up recently. The track is just driving and euphoric throughout. One for when the sun comes up at the after party!

You mention you’re looking forward to meeting up with your old mates at Hijacked, but which act  are you most excited to see?

I was a fan of T.E.E.D quite early. I remember his Myspace! He’s always been an artist I respect both musically and because of his approach to the industry. I’ve always wanted to catch him DJ and hopefully see him live in the near future.

Are there any Exeter-based DJs we should watch out for?

I was going to ask you guys the same thing! I’m out of touch with the Uni residents these days but really excited to check as many out at Hijacked as possible. One of the best things that came with the transformation of the nightlife in Exeter was the opportunities for DJs to play and develop and I’ve no doubt there’s some serious talent. If any of you have demos – hit me up!

Do you have any advice for any student DJs currently plying their trade at uni?

Quality Control. If you’re taking it seriously and sending mixes or demos to people, stop yourself before you press send and make sure it’s your best work. I used to be a culprit of sending stuff out before it was ready. I’d get excited about finishing a track and spam the world with it. Having worked in a label environment you quickly learn time is scarce. When someone does give you that 30 seconds to check out your material you want to make the most of it.

Thanks Simon, see you on 30th May!