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Submissions for our upcoming issue The ‘Plastic’ Edition are now CLOSED. The edition will come out later this spring.

“Plastics are the future. Plastics are the end. Plastics are the material legacy of humanity and will likely remain long after it. Such things are preeminent in the imagined concept of Plastic, in its role in our world and its impact on our lives. But the idea of the Plastic stretches far beyond the waste in our oceans or the packaging around our food. To Mr. McGuire, Plastics are an investment. Plastics are money, our credit cards, the physical embodiment of another artifice of humanity: economics. Beyond this, the Plastic is unliving, divorced from nature, a symbol of the artificial. Those are the Plastics, those unnatural people we cannot trust. “She’s dead, wrapped in plastic.” (Pete Martell, Twin Peaks, 1990). Plastic is a limitless potential, a scope for creativity. What is Plastic can be moulded, reformed, bent to whatever shape is required. That which is Plastic is adaptable to its environment, changeable and unfixed. To be Plastic is to be permanent, modern, flexible, fake. In short, to be Plastic is to be Human.” – Matt Ward

We are also always looking for submissions to our website, and with these pieces you are unrestricted. We take material of all kinds, but flash fiction (under 1000 words) and non-fiction is what gets us really excited. Contact the editor at [email protected] if you would like to discuss your ideas. Get crafting.

For visual pieces we ask for a resolution of 300dpi/ppi.

Please send your submission to: [email protected]

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