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It’s that time again: we’re bringing you another exclusive mix from the guys over at Hijacked festival. The end of term is nigh, the last essays are nearing completion, and freedom is within sight. So too is summer, and if these mixes haven’t shown you that Hijacked is going to be a phenomenal end to the year, then you’re probably a dumb ass hoe. Sorry, but it’s true. We’ve already heard rumours of people arriving at the festival via rubber-dinghies, and a possible guest appearance by Beyoncé. (Perhaps the latter is more of a dream.) It’s official: it’s going to be insane.

Today, we’re privileged to showcase a fantastic mix from Thick as Thieves bigwig and Exeter’s most charming DJ, Tonic. So turn it up y’all and let him do his thang.

Tonic: ‘Just a quick mix highlighting the kind of thing I’ve been playing in the last few months, across several different styles, eras and genres, including one of my own pieces (guess which!); all tied together with a summertime feel and capped off with some Kate Bush in anticipation of her glorious return to the stage later this year!’

Exetera x Hijacked Mix Series: 003 by Exeteramagazine on Mixcloud