Having most recently explored the world of eroticism in “The Eros Edition”, the next edition of Exetera will explore the World Wide Web. Because analog is, like, so last century. Let’s get digital with “The Internet Edition”.

We encourage you to interpret this theme as broadly or as specifically as possible. The Internet is a big, exciting and (potentially) dangerous place. It shapes the way we consume information, communicate with one another and is responsible for endless hours of masturbation procrastination. But you already knew that. So, whether you’re interested in writing on social media, piracy, porn, the popularity of viral videos featuring cats (or anything else to do with the Web for that matter) then please get in touch!

The deadline is:  TUESDAY 28TH OCTOBER

Between now and then anyone is welcome to send us ideas that we can help develop, as well as finished articles. We encourage you to send them to us as soon as possible, although by no means rush.

All submissions (and queries about submissions) should be sent to: [email protected]

We hope you wield your pen with as much skill and panache as this guy wields his saber*



*Do people even use pens anymore in our Internet age? Maybe that’s something you could write about – with a pen or otherwise. Either way, get writing!