Trying to find the perfect location for your next evening on the town? Look no further than this concise guide to Exeter’s most picturesque student hot-spots.

Sidwell Street

If you’re looking for something a little romantic, why not take a wistful stroll down Sidwell Street with your partner on a late Saturday evening? Whilst you’re there, you can visit some of the city’s world-famous eateries, and enjoy them whilst being serenaded by the floating sounds of breaking glass and low-level criminal misdemeanors.

The Quay

Want to connect with other young people? Interested in swapping stories about that time when you saved the world in the twelve month period before you came to University? If so, why not head down to the Quay and rediscover yourself? Just kick back, enjoy some shisha, and make sure you tell everyone how much better it was in Morocco. The Quay is the ‘real’ Exeter, and anyone who hasn’t been and just soaked up its serene ambience is like, totes missing out.


Hey, like talking loudly to strangers about a music genre you may or may not actually have a good knowledge of? Then you’ll love paying a visit to the Cavern and its extensive outside smoking terrace! Here you can gleefully blacken your lungs whilst enjoying the varied ramblings of a group of twenty-somethings whose conversations are even flatter than their caps.


Hungry? A student? Love darkness? Firehouse! Enjoy the traditional nightly ‘Eat-Your-Weight-in-Pizza’ competitions, and burn it all off with an endless walk up and down the stairs to try and find a seat again. A truly magical night out. Just don’t expect to be able to see what you’re eating or hear anybody talking to you.


Originally published in The Fresh Edition. Read our Campus Safari here